Athletics is an individual sport where the athletes’ own determination and achievements determine success or failure. However, most importantly it should be an enjoyable sport with fun being a major motivator. We as coaches play an important part in the overall development of the athletes under our control. We not only influence their all round physical and social development, but also help to motivate them. A successful coach invests more in the well being and interests of the athlete than their win-loss record. Therefore, it must be remembered that our main aim at all times should be to promote this great sport by all round capability and enjoyment. This will be most readily achieved by following the codes of ethics listed below:

  • Actively discourage foul play and/or unsportsmanlike behaviour by athletes.
  • Seek to maximise the participation and enjoyment of all athletes regardless of ability; avoid the tendency to over-use a talented athlete; treat all athletes as equals, regardless of their talent.
  • Show concern and caution towards all sick and injured athletes. Follow the advice of a physician and/or sports trainer to the letter when determining when an injured athlete is ready to recommence training or competition.
  • Teach athletes that an honest effort and competing to the best of their ability is as important as victory.
  • Maintain a thorough knowledge of the rules of competition and keep abreast of current coaching methods. Maintain or improve your current accreditation level.
  • Always consider the health, safety and welfare of the athletes.
  • Teach young athletes to realise that there is a big gap between their ability and the professional athlete. Do not coach them as if they are professionals.
  • Ensure that your coaching reflects the level of the competition being involved with and don’t be a ‘winner at all costs’ coach.
  • As coach, conduct yourself at all times, and in all situations, in a manner that shows leadership, respect for the sport of Little Athletics and respect for all those that are involved in the sport – athletes, officials, spectators, parents and the media

The best coaches are more interested in their athlete’s well being than whether they win or lose!

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