Helensvale Little Athletics will be running this season, with huge thanks to the continuous hard work behind the scenes of our dedicated volunteers! We will be based at Upper Coomera State College, 137 Reserve Road, Upper Coomera.

We will be running the first half of our season on Saturdays starting at 1pm. After the mid-season break we will be running on Fridays starting at 5pm. Please be aware of this when registering your athletes!

All athletes will start with a group warm up followed by a program of events that includes a run, jump and throw. Please ensure that all athletes are in full uniform. If they are not in full uniform then they will miss out on competition points for that night.

Parental supervision and participation is imperative at every weekly competition, carnival, regional or state event. A child who doesn’t have a parent or guardian present will not be allowed to compete.

Registration information can be found here.

Sun Safe Policy

The health of participants is of primary concern to Little Athletics Queensland (LAQ). Please see this link for our Sun Safe Policy.

Events Covered in Competition

Click Here to See Standard Events and Competition Rules


Track Events
•  Two shots denote a false start and competitors must return to the starting line.
•  Competitors are permitted only 1 false start before disqualification.
•  Starting blocks are optional for Under 11-17 laned events up to 400m.

Laned Events
(all races up to and including 400m and Hurdles)
Starter gives three commands:

  1. “On your Marks” Step up to the start line and Put one foot UP to line.
  2. “Set” Athlete leans forward onto front foot, opposite arm is held out in front for balance.
  3. “Pistol is fired” Athlete runs, remaining in lane for entire race AND until told to move by Official.

Distance Races
Pack Start (all race over 400m)
Athletes don’t have to run in allocated lanes except at the start.
Starter gives two commands:

  1. “On your Marks” Step up to the start line and Put one foot UP to line. 
  2. “Pistol Fires” Athletes begin

Pack Start
Race walking is a progression of steps so taken that unbroken contact with the ground is maintained. The advancing leg shall be straightened (ie. not bent at the knee) from the moment of first contact with the ground until the vertical upright position. If the athlete is not given a time then a ‘C’ for competed is recorded.

•  Two types may be run – circular (4 x 100m; 4 x Medley; 4 x Swiss Relay) and Shuttles for U6, U7 and U8.
•  Circular relay – all children run in the same direction around the track with the baton being carried in the right hand (1st runner) left hand (2nd runner) right hand (3rd runner) and left hand (4th runner). Runners 2 and 4 should be towards the outside of the lane when moving the baton. If this is done, changing hands with the baton is not necessary so the possibility of dropping it is reduced.
•  Shuttle relay – the runners face each other from opposite ends of the straight and pass the baton as they reach their partner waiting at the other end of the straight.


Flights, Spacing and Height Specifications 

60m 6 Flights @ 7m spacing, 12m lead in, 13m run out 

  • 20cm U6 Boys & Girls 
  • 30cm U7 Boys & Girls 
  • 45cm U8 & U9 Boys & Girls 
  • 60cm U10 & U11 Boys & Girls 
  • 68cm U12 Boys & Girls 

80m 9 Flights @ 7m spacing, 12m lead in, 12m run out 

  • 76cm U13 Boys & Girls, U14 Girls 

90m 9 Flights @ 8m spacing, 13m lead in, 13m run out 

  • 76cm U14 Boys, U15 & 16 Girls 

100m 10 Flights @ 8.5m spacing, 13m lead in, 10.5m run out 

  • 76cm U15 – 16 Boys & U17 Girls 

110m 10 Flights @ 9.14m spacing, 13.72m lead in, 14.02m run out 

  • 76cm 17 Boys 

200m 5 Flights @ 35m spacing, 20m lead in, 40m run out 

  • 68cm U13 Boys & Girls 
  • 76cm U14 Boys & Girls 

300m 7 Flights @ 35m spacing, 50m lead in, 40 run out 

  • 76cm U15 to U17 Boys & Girls 

Field Events -Throws

– There is no specific rule for throwing a discus. But it must be thrown from within the throwing circle and must land before the athlete can leave by the BACK of the circle.
– A foul ‘F’ is recorded if the discus lands outside the marked area or the athlete steps out of the circle or on the iron band during the throw.
– To measure, spike where the discus lands then pull the tape through the centre of the circle and measure from the inside edge of the rim.

Shot Put 
– The shot is put from the shoulder with one hand and cannot be taken back behind the line of the shoulder. The shot shall touch or be in close proximity to the neck or chin in front of the ear and the hand must not be dropped from this position during the put. It must land before the athlete can leave by the BACK of the circle.
– A foul ‘F’ is recorded if; the shot is improperly released; it lands outside the marked area; the athlete steps out of the circle or on the top of the stop board during the put. Measure as per Discus, reading from the inner edge of the stop board.​

– The javelin is held at the grip and thrown over the shoulder or upper arm. It must strike the ground with the tip of the metal head first. It doesn’t have to stick in the ground.
– The JAVELIN must always be carried in an UPRIGHT position.

  • The athlete must not touch or pass over the foul throw line.
  • Once the javelin has landed the athlete must leave the run up area from behind the foul throw line.
  • A foul ‘F’ is recorded if; a slinging action is used; the javelin lands on or outside the sector lines; the athlete turns their back to the throwing area during the run up.
  • The throw is measured by pulling the tape from the ground strike through the centre of the throwing area and down the run up area to point marked on the run up area Measurement is read at the run up side of the foul throw line.

Field Events – Jumps
High Jump
•  Scissors Technique U8-U17: The athlete must run up and take off from ONE leading foot. An attempt must be made for the feet to touch the mat first.
•  Fosbury Flop Technique U11-17 ONLY: This technique cannot be attempted before athlete has been given correct training.
•  3 Attempts to clear the height.
•  The bar height is measured at the middle of the bar and to the top of the bar. The outer edges must measure equal heights and be set so that the centre of the bar is at the stipulated height.
•  A failure is given if the athlete knocks the bar off of the supports. If the jump is successful the athlete must wait until the bar is raised before having another jump.

Long Jump
•  Take off foot must be behind or on mat/board.
•  They must walk out of the pit forwards away from jump mark.
•  A foul ‘F’ is recorded if the foot protrudes over the front of the mat/board.
•  U6-U12 – Measurement is taken from the front of the foot imprint made by the take-off foot to the indentation left by the athlete in the sand pit closest to the take-off area.
• U13-U17 – Measure from the edge of the board nearest the  pit unless the athlete takes off before the board.

Triple Jump
Triple has three distinct phases which must be achieved:
1. HOP – Take off from the mat/board on ONE foot and land on the SAME foot.
2. STEP – Take off from that foot and land on the OTHER foot.
3. JUMP – Jump forwards and land in the pit on two feet.
The runway is marked with 3 boards marked at 5m, 7m and 9m. The athlete can choose which of these boards can be their take-off mark. 
•  U11-U12 – athletes take off from a mat place on the board.
•  U13-U17 – athletes take off from the board.

Equipment Guidelines

Please see Section 2 of the Competition Handbook to to see each event equipment guidelines.

In case of an injury or incident, please visit the canteen for ice and medical assistance. An entry will be added into the book for ice applications and an injury report will need to be filled out if applicable. A copy of the injury report can be found here.

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