• Be impartial!  Also, be consistent, objective and courteous.
  • Place the safety and welfare of the athletes above all else. Be alert to minimise dangerous physical play, fair or foul, especially competition days.
  • Accept responsibility for all actions taken.
  • Avoid any form of verbal contact with coaches, team officials, parents and spectators during competition.
  • Avoid any situation which may lead to a conflict of interest, both on and off the field.
  • Condemn all and every instance of unsportsmanlike, foul or unfair play.
  • Set a good example by the way you dress, speak and act towards athletes, coaches, officials, parents and spectators.
  • Show concern and caution towards sick and injured athletes.
  • Officiate to the age and/or experience of the athletes.

Zero Tolerance Policy

For more information please visit Little Athletics Queensland.