McDonald’s State Championships

Date: 24th – 26th March 2023

Venue: Townsville Sports Reserve – 14 Warburton St, North Ward QLD 4810
Needle spikes are not permitted at this venue.

Events: First Event block starts at 3:00pm

The McDonald’s State Championships is the final major competition in the LAQ calendar. Athletes from all corners of the State take part in this annual event in the hope of becoming the State Champion in their chosen event.

The U13 State Team (26 athletes – 13 Boys and 13 Girls) is selected at these Championships. The performance of the U13’s at this event plays a significant part in their selection.

Athletes and parents, please come prepared for all types of weather as the competition will only be cancelled under extreme weather conditions.

Eligibility & Nomination

> LAQ Summer Centre U9 – U17 athletes; qualifying 1st – 4th placegetters can nominate.
> In additional to placegetters, U9 – U17’s by competing at the Regional Championships and achieving a “Qualifying Performance Level”(link) also qualify and can nominate.

The event is finished.


24 - 26 Mar 2023


3:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Townsville Sports Reserve


Townsville Sports Reserve
Burke Street, Townsville



Other Organizers

Helensvale Little Athletics

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