Season Update – Hiatus

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25th August 2022

Unfortunately, we post with some not-so-good news. It is with a heavy heart we say that we are going to go into hiatus for the time being.

With not having a home ground and having to store our club equipment and uniforms in a container for two years, and with all the wet weather we’ve had the past eight months, we have had to throw out all our uniforms and most of our equipment due to mould damage. This means we won’t have enough of anything to operate properly.

Whilst waiting to hear back about our first ground, returning to Helensvale State High School as a temporary fix until our new ground would be ready, we were returned with no as the answer.

Our next location had been given verbal approval, but this has come a little too late and we still don’t have a definite signed-off yes on it at this stage. We didn’t have the option to run on a Saturday either morning or afternoon as this ground also runs cricket on it over the weekend which prevents us using it at a different time. We would not have had the committee manpower neither to run everything from set-up to pack-away.

We’re worried that we’re leaving it too late for people to sign up with other clubs as they’re all ready to start or have already started. So it’s back to the drawing board for Helensvale while we continue waiting for the council to do their review into athletics facilities on the Gold Coast next year, and hope that what has been promised in the past will actually happen, and we get a home ground to call our own. It’s been almost 5 years fighting for a new ground, and we hope soon that we can offer this.

Helensvale Little Athletics has been around for nearly 33 years and has seen the likes of Sally Pearson, Genevieve Gregson, and so, so many more amazing up and coming athletes! We know that the Helensvale spirit is strong, we will continue to fight to get the HLA family back together!

Last but certainly not least, a massive THANK YOU to our committee, athletes, and families, both past and present, for supporting us on our journey for a new home ground. We hope soon that we can provide a positive update for everyone!

Always, #TeamHelensvale

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