2021/2022 Award Winners

Junior and Senior PB Awards

Junior Boy with 10 PBs – Jack McGarrigle & Elijah Wilkinson
Junior Girl with 12 PBs – Chloe Murray
Senior Boy with 8 PBs – Kobe Raoma
Senior Girl with 13 PBs – Chloe Kelk

U6 Boys

1st place with 753 points is…. KAI MURRAY!

Under 6 Girls

2nd place with 200 points is: NEVE BLACK
1st Place with 300 points is… MIA ALI!

Under 7 Boys

1st place with 420 points is… MAX O’DWYER!

Under 7 Girls
2nd place with 20 points is: SARAH GARANOVIC
1st place with 340 points is…  ARMI BALO!

Under 8 Boys
3rd place with 176 points is: LUCAS MACDONALD
2nd place with 185 points is: BRAXTON BROWN
1st place with 338 points is… JYE CARSON!

Under 8 Girls
3rd place with 76 points is: LOUISE-ELIZA WHALE
2nd place with 225 points is: ZOE BLACK
1st place with 430 points is… HAVANA CHARLES

Under 9 Boys
3rd place with 126 points goes to: TIARO BALLA ZSOLNAI
2nd place with 173 points is: MASON VILLER
1st place with 440 points is… HAMISH BROWN!

Under 9 Girls

2nd place with 40 points is: LILLIAN WAIN
1st place with 480 points is… KARIS ROCHFORD!

Under 10 Boys
3rd place with 170 points is: JASPER LALIC
2nd place with 300 points is: ZAK BARLOW
1st place with 383 points is… JACK MCGARRIGLE

Under 10 Girls
2nd place with 470 points is: CHLOE MURRAY
1st place with 520 points is… ARABELLA ROCHFORD

Under 11 Boys
3rd place with 184 points is: TYSON COOPER
2nd place with 207 points is: HARRY O’DWYER
1st place with 480 points… KOBE RAOMA!

Under 11 Girls
3rd place with 130 points is: REIN WILLIAMSON
2nd place with 180 points is: TIARA BALLA ZSOLNAI
1st place with 680 points is… CHLOE KELK

The following athlete has completed 10 years in Little Athletics.
Congratulations to JAYDEN BROWN!

The following athlete has graduated from Little Athletics.
Congratulations to MADDISON BARROW!

Under 12 Boys
3rd place with 111 points is: LOGAN VILLER
2nd place with 160 points is: MARLIN LALIC
1st place with 670 points is… COOPER  MCGARRIGLE

Under 12 Girls
3rd place with 107 points is: MILLY BARLOW
2nd place with 428 points is: HANNAH ROCHFORD
1st place with 621 points is… TIA MURRAY

Under 13 Boys
3rd place with 240 points is: XAVIER LALIC
2nd place with 271 points is: BLAKE COOPER
1st place with 540 points is… JACKSON MUNROE

Under 13 Girls
3rd place with 61 points is: JAZMINE MARSH
2ND place with 133 points is: KIERA WILLIAMSON
1st place with 265 points is… MACKENZIE MAY

Under 14 Boys
3rd place with 70 points is: RANDALL WANG
2nd place with 260 points is: VALANCE RAOMA
1st place with 400 points is… COOPER WEE

Under 14 Girls

1st place with 200 points is… SCARLETT FANNING

Under 15 Boys
3rd place with 90 points is: OWEN WANG
2nd place with 220 points is: CHARLIE EDDIE
1st place with 260 points is… JAYDEN BROWN

Under 15 Girls
2nd place with 110 points is: GEORGIA BARROW
1st place with 540 points is… CARLEE SMITH

Under 16 Girls
1st place with 300 points is… INDIANNA BROWN

Under 17 Girls

1st place with 200 points is… MADDISON BARROW

The Clubman Award goes to: Karen Viller

The Centre Manager Award goes to: Alexander Wain

The AWD Award goes to: Trey Carson

Throws, Jumps and Track Awards
The winner of the Throws award goes to: Tia Murray
The winner of the Jumps award goes to: Arabella Rochford & Tia Murray
The winner of the Track award goes to: Jack McGarrigle & Chloe Kelk

The winner of Rookie of the Year is: Charlie Eddie

Carnival Awards
The Junior Boy Carnival Award goes to: Jack McGarrigle
The Junior Girl Carnival Award goes to: Havana Charles
The Senior Boy Carnival Award goes to: Jayden Brown
The Senior Girl Carnival Award goes to: Tia Murray

McDonalds Junior and Senior Achievement Awards
With 18 points, the McDonalds Junior Male Achievement Award goes to: Hamish Brown and Jack McGarrigle

With 20 points, the McDonalds Junior Female Achievement Award goes to: Havana Charles

With 25 points, the McDonalds Senior Achievement Awards goes to: Cooper McGarrigle

With 28 points, the McDonalds Senior Achievement Award goes to:  Tia Murray

Queensland National Team: Alexander Wain

Champion Boy and Champion Girl Awards

Our Champion Boy is: Alexander Wain

Our Champion Girl is: Carlee Smith

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