Club Life Membership

Tracey Phillis has been with Helensvale Little Athletics for
14 seasons and has held multiple positions not only for us, but also for LAQ in an official capacity.

Our club has faced lots of tough times in the past 6 or so seasons with an entire committee walkout, multiple re-locations having no home grounds, floods, Covid and more. If that wasn’t enough, Tracey has also had cancer!

Together as a committee we banded together and got through everything that was thrown at us, but it has always been Tracey in the middle, making sure we are okay and helping us in pretty much every aspect of the club.

The one thing that stands out about Tracey is her people skills and her ability to talk to everyone from the first time novice through to the most elite athlete or the highest ranking officials.It gives us great pleasure to award Tracey Phillis Life Membership to Helensvale Little Athletics!

Please join us in congratulating Tracey for achieving Life Membership at Helensvale Little Athletics, in recognition of your long and outstanding contributions to our club, community and sport!

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